What about the recipient?

It's not always easy trying to locate the right yarn to make your creation special. Whether you plan to make something large or small, understanding your recipient is the best way to determine where to begin. When a customer asks me to create a product for them I always ask who is the product for? All types of creations can be altered to be more accommodating to the audience. Whether it be a blanket, stuffed animal, quilt, ornament, or hat; who you're making a product for plays a large role in what yarn to choose.

Babies react better to soft and snuggly yarns. It mimics the security they felt while inside their mother's womb. Chenille yarn is a good example of what I prefer when creating products meant for the little ones. This soft warm material makes for a great gift for the younger crowd. Bernat blanket yarn is my personal favorite of chenille yarn.

Acrylic yarn is used in many 3D projects. Personally, Red Heart worsted acrylic yarn is my first choice when creating something that needs to maintain its form. Not only does it offer form fitting style, but it also comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Acrylic yarn works perfect for those creations that are meant to be cherished overtime. This yarn maintains its shape and texture over the years. While the color has been known to fade in most acrylic yarns overtime, it makes for the best choice for projects on display.

There are many styles types and brands of yarn, to list them all would keep me here all day. However, next time you go to pick up a crochet hook or knitting needle remind yourself who your recipient is. It just might be the deciding factor between chenille and acrylic.

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